Saturday, May 30, 2009

... you should know more about your hometown.

My husband has been trying to convince me to see the Missions of San Antonio since we met. He, a Californian, has been 5 times in the short time he's lived in Texas and aside from the Alamo, I, a San Antonian, have never been. It's shameful, really.

I've been to the Grand Canyon, White Sands, the Petrified Forest... some fantastic national parks... but never the national parks in my own hometown.

I attribute this oversight to the fear I have about that area of town - and that it would be equivalent to attending church. It was not. Don't get me wrong... the churches at Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion were really beautiful. And, I couldn't help but cross myself when I went in past the pews to the altar. But it was actually very much like all the other national parks. It was clean and adventurous and HISTORICAL.

I'm glad we went. I look forward to going again... soon.
(ps. I took the date/time stamp off for future pictures!)

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  1. Its pretty amazing how people don't look around at what is around them. I work in downtown Tulsa. The father of one of my coworkers died and his funeral was in a church 3 blocks from our office. Two of my coworkers who have been working here 10 years had no idea where the church was. I was amazed.