Friday, May 29, 2009

... it's good to tap into your dormant creativity.

Since I met my husband, I've found myself very comfortable in my abilities (Not quite as comfortable in my skin, but that's another blog for another day). I've felt smarter, more hip and yes, more creative.
We all know creativity isn't enough. We can appreciate good art, a good movie, a great novel - but oh so very few can create that art, direct or act in that movie, write that novel. And just because I've always wanted to paint and write, I've been realistic about the true talent it takes to actually do it.
Somehow, my husband has become my reverse kryptonite, activating my super creative powers. I have done clay work and painted... and when I step back and look with as much objectivity as I can muster... I think it's not half bad.

His belief in me... is what juices my life. Thanks Peanuthead!!

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