Saturday, December 19, 2009

... we have to be responsible renters.

I hate packing...

I've been guilty of scrambled moves where I've procrastinated so excessively I've literally left more property behind than I took. An avid renter, I've never cared much for the trauma left behind - the owner's problem, not mine. And I know that's a horrible, HORRIBLE thing to say/way to be. It shouldn't surprise you to know, I've always moved because I'm in a situation overwhelmed with drama; where the act of running away is the only way I feel I can get out - even when logic tells me most of that problem will follow.

Anyway, the point... the house I'm moving from this time belongs to my parents so I can't just bolt like all the other times. Four weeks out, I've begun to slowly pack sections of a room until I become disinterested or distracted - at which point I give myself a pat on the back and plan to pick it up again the next day... or two. And I have high expectation to leave their house as close to the day I moved in as I've ever done.

But don't misunderstand... there's still plenty of drama being left behind - all out in the open and acknowledged. And that's new for me. So, I'm convinced I'm making progress and maybe, just maybe, I'll have what it takes to be a grown person... someday.