Monday, June 8, 2009

... an adventure is around the corner!

Her most famous words: (any time of year) "I'm bored."
So, I wanted to do my best to postpone those words in relation to summer vacation (for as long as possible) so I took The Bunny on an inaugural adventure.

So we headed off from downtown San Antonio (Starbucks Riverwalk) to the Pearls Farmers Market - approximately 2 miles each way. This is how it went...

The Bunny: "This is fun!!! Can I get my feet wet?" Me: "Please don't"

The beauty of our favorite attraction!!!

The Bunny finally realizing we've got a long walk ahead of us... You can almost see her apprehension at the path ahead!!

The Bunny: "This is cool!! It sounds like a jungle!!!" Me: "Thank God she has something to focus on besides how long we've walked and how far it is!"

This is right before I told her they were carnivorous!! If she didn't run so fast, that woulda been a great picture!!

The trip is really starting to pay off!! The Bunny is overlooking the river from the bridge at the Lock & Dam!!

The Bunny: "Holy Moly!!! This is so COOL!!!" Me: "Holy Moly!!! This is so COOL!!!"

This is "F.I.S.H" by Donald Lipski - Proof that art can be super fun! (So says The Bunny)

Worth a closer look!!!

An awesome grotto... This picture doesn't do it justice because the light coming outta the mouth is eerie!!

And we finally make it to the market... The Bunny is having no more of the fun pictures by this point so I sit down with her (feet throbbing - wore the wrong shoes) and tell her how I just didn't want her to be bored her first weekend of summer.

I think it'll be awhile before she tells me she's bored. My work here is done!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

... it's therapeutic to meet up with people from high school.

Facebook... or Spacebook... or Myface - It's the new devil's playground.

HOWEVER - Since I've created my facebook page, I've been "reconnecting" with people from (of all places) high school. And "revisiting" feelings I've never wanted to think about again. I didn't get teased (to my face) but I wasn't a part of any clique either. I was a little too boy crazy and allowed that to dictate my years as a Holmes Husky being friends with their friends. For the most part, the kids in my class were only aware of me as another student in English or History or Biology to my knowledge.

So you could probably guess my surprise at being remembered AT ALL. And actually remembered fondly!!! The old wounds from being in the shadows of almost every group (except for the athletic girls - I was so clumsy then I didn't dare to go near them) were self-inflicted & self-imagined!! I've come to discover my high school isolation was all my own doing and in my more mature state have been asked to socials with the greatest mix of people.

I'm thankful for this cleansing... the brushing away of old thoughts and self-doubt. Hurray for me!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

... prevention is sadistic torture in disguise.

Annual "Well Woman" exams are a necessary evil.

For me, this year (my 36th year) turned out to be especially sadistic. Aside from the plain ol' regularly intrusive exam (Hey, doc!! What's going on down there?!), I had the extra added pleasure of my very first mammogram. Apparently, this is the super-fantastic, jack-in-the-box prize for making it into the second round of womanhood (I'm scared to find out what the finalist win).

In my tra-la-la innocence, I made my way to the 2nd floor and was able to get "worked into" the scheduled appointments. "Great!" was my response... (insert stiffled giggle here) The radiology tech hid her devil horns well but her ice cold hands gave away her true intent... my discomfort. At the end - with glazed over eyes - I mentioned how much more painful it actually was than I expected, she said, "The suggested psi is 40 and you were barely at 23." Really... I swear I left that office with a word bubble over my head that said "Big Baby."

So... if the test comes back clear, I am good for another 3 1/2 years. Fingers crossed...