Tuesday, June 2, 2009

... it's therapeutic to meet up with people from high school.

Facebook... or Spacebook... or Myface - It's the new devil's playground.

HOWEVER - Since I've created my facebook page, I've been "reconnecting" with people from (of all places) high school. And "revisiting" feelings I've never wanted to think about again. I didn't get teased (to my face) but I wasn't a part of any clique either. I was a little too boy crazy and allowed that to dictate my years as a Holmes Husky being friends with their friends. For the most part, the kids in my class were only aware of me as another student in English or History or Biology to my knowledge.

So you could probably guess my surprise at being remembered AT ALL. And actually remembered fondly!!! The old wounds from being in the shadows of almost every group (except for the athletic girls - I was so clumsy then I didn't dare to go near them) were self-inflicted & self-imagined!! I've come to discover my high school isolation was all my own doing and in my more mature state have been asked to socials with the greatest mix of people.

I'm thankful for this cleansing... the brushing away of old thoughts and self-doubt. Hurray for me!!!

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  1. Well, since I've gone on Facebook I've reconnected with old coworkers and parallel connected with exisiting friends but only one person from high school and nobody from college. I don't think people my age generally do facebook.